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In Japan, an excellent social security system, represented by its universal health insurance coverage, has generally functioned well, and people have enjoyed sufficient healthcare services. Consequently, a considerably high level of healthcare has been realized. The average lifespan in Japan is now the longest in the world, while the mortality rate of newborns and infants is now the lowest. Currently, however, an aging society with fewer children is progressing rapidly in Japan. It is expected that medical expenses will increase rapidly due to the aging of society, while the burden of medical expenses on the generations still working will be much greater due to the lower birth rate. 

Accordingly, reform of the national healthcare system is essential to maintain Japan’s high level of healthcare. The transition to a sustainable social security system is the most important and urgent issue in Japan today. Various reforms of the healthcare system have already been launched on the government’s initiative.

The Aijinkai Healthcare Corporation continues its work as a privately-owned corporation to provide total healthcare in local communities. We will continue making all possible efforts to fulfill the responsibility of contributing to the health and welfare of local communities. To this end, it is necessary to develop business in line with healthcare reforms, as well as to find ways to genuinely benefit local residents, using our free and adaptable organization unique to a privately-owned corporation. We are required to cope with difficult situations in a flexible manner. I am deeply convinced that the Aijinkai Healthcare Corporation has the ability to lead Japan’s healthcare system in the future by combining our accumulated management know-how with scientific and faithful thinking as a healthcare provider.