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A Message from AIJINKAI's President


Masaharu Tsutsumi, M.D., Ph.D.

Welcome to the AIJINKAI Healthcare Corporation (AHC) Website.

AHC has half a century of history of providing earnest “Total Healthcare” to Japanese communities and educating medical professionals. Our “Total Healthcare” idea stems from “The Founding Idea of the AIJINKAI Healthcare Corporation (1960)”, which states that “The fundamental dilemma of modern societies is that the demands from society are infinite, whereas the medical and manpower resources to cope with them are limited, which naturally results in the distortions seen in modern healthcare in our country. Proper healthcare can be provided widely to the people by establishing a new organization that coordinates local healthcare systems according to a ‘unified idea and principle’ and by running this organization in a very efficient manner.”
By ‘unified principle’, we mean the fundamental behavioral principle of our organization;namely, that healthcare exists for patients, that the benefit gained should be returned to society and utilized for the progress of medical sciences, and that we should never cease to endeavor to attain the latest medical knowledge and technology and to improve our own character as human-beings.

The fundamental question and solution held by our founders 50 years ago remains true today. Especially in this age of globalization and information technology, healthcare problems in one country are inevitably intertwined with those in another; thus, innovative solutions should be sought in a worldwide collective manner. I hope that this website will facilitate our communication and help us to find innovative solutions collectively.
Masaharu Tsutsumi M.D., Ph.D.